Most Spectacular Places to Visit in the USA

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yellowstoneThe United States is one of the biggest countries in the world and offers land and cityscapes that range from lush forests, deserts, and sparkling skyscrapers. America gives you a way to experience it in a different way, with different activities such as hiking in the Teton Mountains, sipping wine in Napa Valley Vineyards, enjoying the sandy beaches of Hawaii and many other places.

Narrowing down on the most spectacular places visit is clearly an impossible task because all of these places all deserve to be on your bucket list.  Here are some of the most spectacular places to visit, according to people’s votes.


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Yellowstone National Park is one of American’s oldest national parks that gets the vote of one of the most beautiful places in the USA. This vote is mostly attributed to its diverse landscapes and gorgeous seasonal colors. At this park, you can find everything, from lush green alpine meadows to yellow geysers. One of the best places to visit the park is during early summers where wildflowers burst into bloom.


Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic highway build to connect Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It is one of the most visited national parks in the world. You can get offroad and hike along the trails or enjoy short drives on the highway, with stunning views over the Appalachian Mountains. To enjoy a special experience, visit the park during fall and see the mountains parked with oranges and yellows as if they are on fire.



alaskaWhile touring the United States, a visit to Alaska deserves your time. Alaska as a state has captured the hearts of many tourists due to the beauty it has. When you visit Alaska, expect to find 12 feet tall bears, remote glaciers, majestic moose, soaring mountains and deserted coastlines. Alaska is best for a visit especially to those looking for a true adventure in a wild land.


Monument Valley, Arizona

Monument Valley presents one of the most famous landscapes in the country. The Monument Valley receives the vote as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. The valley presents perhaps the most enduring and definitive images of the American West. The isolated buttes and red mesas are surrounded by empty sand deserts that have all been filed and photographed many times on movies and holiday adventure brochures.  The place is not a valley as such, but a wide flat with desolate landscapes that are described by crumbling formations that rise hundreds of feet above the air.


The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon receives nearly five million visitors a year and is one of the most famous landscapes in the USA. It is very impressive from every angle. At the Grand Canyon, you can take a hike, take a helicopter and ride over it or even choose white-water rafting along the Canyon floor. The Canyon has a unique combination of geologic colors and erosive formations that decorate its 277 river mile. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World to be located in North America.



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