Best places in Africa to go on vacation this summer

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maasai maraAfrica is dubbed as the mother continent because it is believed to be the oldest inhabited continent on planet Earth. If you travel to Africa in July to September, you will enjoy all the advantages that the continent offers to its tourists. During this time, rains are dry, mild and sunny. The nights are cold and clear. At this time, East Africa offers tourists one of the most spectacular scenes; the migration of Wildebeest.

It is tough to single out where to individually visit in Africa. However, for the sake of choosing the best places and guiding you into making the best decision, here are the most notable places to visit;


Botswana is among the best places you can visit in Africa. It is a beautiful country bordered by Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  It has one of the most sought wilderness destinations in the world, the Okavango Delta. This delta is situated deep inside the Kalahari basin. When you visit this area, you can enjoy the experience if big game, natural beauty and lush vegetation. You can also explore rock paintings and learn more about the inhabitants of South Africa.


Kenya is in East Africa and is a paradise that is filled with abundant wildlife, flora, Fauna, Mountains and some of the best islands in Africa. It is one of the most visited places in Africa for those looking to have a family holiday. The peak of accommodating tourists is experienced between October and March. Visitors get a chance to enjoy the tranquil islands of Lamu which has rolling dunes, endless beaches with narrow bustling streets. If want to experience the best yoga wellness retreats and have a chance to reconnect with yourself, then  Lamu is waiting for you.


Morocco is a spectacular country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a country that offers everything from quaint seaside towns, fantastic cities and snowy mountains. It is a country mixed with heritage and culture. Visitors coming to this country get the chance to enjoy the authentic taste of the famous Moroccan cuisines.


We can’t complete this list without including Lesotho in the mix. Lesotho boasts an array of majestic mountains that features the best of what nature can offer. The country provides the best atmosphere for couples who want to reconnect with nature. Its main attraction includes beautiful parks and reserves. A visit to Lesotho also gives tourists a chance to drive to South Africa.

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